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Teddies for Tomorrow

Display eco-friendly values in your collection with Teddies for Tomorrow by Steiff. These timeless collectible pieces are crafted with unmatched workmanship and a focus on sustainability. 


SPECIAL OFFER: Receive a FREE Teddies for Tomorrow keychain, made of high quality imitation leather, with the purchase of any Teddies for Tomorrow Limited Edition. Gift will be automatically added to your cart during checkout.



To conserve our environment and resources, these teddy bears are handmade using non-animal materials. Some examples are bamboo viscose, hemp, Violan, cotton velvet, plant-based felt, linen and organic cotton. The eco-conscious pieces are stuffed with corn fibers, wood wool or recycled PET bottles to keep to the green standards that define Teddies for Tomorrow. Each one has our signature “Button in Ear” to represent the detailed quality of Steiff collectibles as the company that invented the Teddy Bear in 1902.


Not every collectible here is a Teddy bear. Find premium collectible versions for your favorite animals such as elephants and bunnies. Most come with chest tags etched with the famous Steiff elephant logo or “Teddies for Tomorrow” to appreciate its green craftsmanship. Select designs even have built-in music boxes to play tunes that suit their themes. Steiff carries jointed designs that you can position before placing in your collection, or you can choose from eco-friendly pieces that already have a creative pose (like Soya Unicorn). The ideal addition to your collection is simply waiting to be discovered in the Teddies for Tomorrow lineup.


You may recognize some from our Limited Edition category, and you should purchase those before they sell out. These unique environmentally friendly collectibles add another level of distinction through their artful designs and innovative sustainability.