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Classic Steiff Teddy Bears

A classic Steiff Teddy bear embodies pure, grownup joy. Delight any serious plush collector — or expand your own collection — with these classic teddy bears from important moments in Steiff’s history. A handcrafted mohair teddy bear from this collection makes a thoughtful gift for milestone birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and other special occasions.


The Steiff Bear: Vintage, Premium & Classic

Take a stroll through the years in this classic Steiff bear collection. We’ve rounded up our most popular and influential classic teddy bears to tell the story of how the original Steiff bear evolved from our invention of the first children’s plush toy in 1902 to our status as a collector’s treasure today. Whether you go for a Steiff bear vintage replica, like our jointed blonde cutie from 1909, a stylish redhead Emelia Steiff teddy bear or one of our glamorous Steiff teddy bears embellished with Swarovski crystals, these timeless pieces never disappoint.


Classic Teddy Bears with Modern Appeal

Steiff animals never go out of style because our talented designers are always adapting to modern times. Enter the classic teddy bears from our Teddies for Tomorrow Collection. These premium Steiff teddy bears are handcrafted from sustainable and eco-friendly materials, like hemp, bamboo and recycled PET bottles. Not only do these classic teddy bear creations feature the same care and attention to detail as our mohair bear selections, but they align with your value of a better future for everyone.