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Year of the Teddy Bear Collection

In today’s world, there’s never been a better time to hug a Teddy bear. That’s why Steiff, the company that invented this iconic toy, has declared 2022 as "The Year of the Teddy Bear." In celebration of the 120th anniversary of the world’s favorite plaything, our classic collection for adults features more than a dozen new bears, all of whom will steal your heart. From the debut of our "Teddy family" of four, to rare historic replicas, to even more additions to our eco-friendly "Teddies for Tomorrow" series, there are plenty hug-worthy choices. There’s also an array of amazing animals and dazzling Disney licensed products that will be on every collector’s wish list. But don’t just wish — shop now for your new favorites to make your wishes come true! And celebrate "The Year of the Teddy Bear" with Steiff!