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Plush Keychains

A stuffed animal keychain adds snuggly joy to your everyday routine. The Steiff Plush Animal Keychain Collection brings our premium handmade quality to a smaller scale for pendants that make everyone smile. Find sweet gifts for yourself and loved ones of all ages in this collection.

Teddy Bear Keychain: The Adult Version of a Stuffed Animal

Adulting is tough. Make it a little sweeter with a Steiff plush animal guarding your keys or bag. Our talented artists created tiny versions of Steiff teddy bears with all the craftsmanship and delightful design as their full-size cousins to adorn each cute keychain, right down to our signature Button in Ear trademark.


Eco-Friendly Stuffed Animal Keychains

Choose animal keychains that align with your values from this collection. We’ve included miniature plush animals from our Teddies for Tomorrow Collection that are made from sustainable and earth-friendly materials, like bamboo and recycled PET bottles. Whether it’s a tiny Winnie the Pooh bear or a sweet pup, you’ll feel good about these responsible accessories. 


Swarovski Crystal Keyring Embellishment 

Give your keys a sparkly makeover with Swarovski crystal-embellished stuffed animal keychains from this collection. Mini teddy bears and tiny elephants get dressed up in Trevira velvet for a luxurious feel. Then our artists went totally glam, adding gorgeous crystal details to each high-end keychain.