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Swarovski Teddy Bear Collection

A Steiff Swarovski teddy bear is the epitome of glamour. Glow up your personal Steiff collection or give the ultimately romantic gift of a premium Steiff embellished with authentic Swarovski crystals. The Swarovski Collection is one of our licensed collaborations that level up the legendary Steiff experience.

Swarovski Crystal Teddy Bear Collectibles

Any collector will delight in an iconic Steiff teddy bear dressed in sparkling Swarovski crystal. Teddy bear details like our signature Button in Ear trademark, hand-sewn jointed limbs and hand-embroidered facial features remain recognizable, even as sumptuous crystals add a luxurious touch. From exclusive members-only Steiff Club editions to eye-catching designs for every collector, these Steiff & Swarovski teddy bear selections take your collection to the next level.


Keychains & More Swarovski Steiff Creations

Our talented designers don’t limit themselves to crafting only Swarovski teddy bears. They love the way these gorgeous crystals interact with other fine materials, like responsibly farmed mohair, so much that they’ve developed an entire collection of Swarovski-embellished pieces. Choose a Little Elephant Keyring as a gift for the person who has everything. Or add a wildly popular Best of Selection Howling Wolf — which quickly sold out in 2012 but is once again available — to your own collection. 


A Crystal-Clear Commitment to Quality 

Steiff is proud to collaborate with trusted brands like Swarovski. Crystal teddy bear creations from Steiff ensure a commitment to heirloom quality with the superior craftsmanship that invented the world’s first teddy bear.