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Spring Plush Sale

Enjoy incredible savings on premium plush toys from Steiff. This sale collection features select plush animals and teddy bears priced at up to 40% off. It's never been easier to find high-quality gifts for kids while sticking to your budget. You'll be amazed at the incredible quality of Steiff plush toys, especially at these sale prices.


Adorable Animals

One of the best gifts for any child is a plush toy featuring one of their favorite animals. With so many great options on sale at Steiff, you can find an affordable gift featuring their preferred creature. Whether that's a sweet little lamb, a majestic elephant, a charming panda or a whimsical unicorn, you may just find the perfect fit for their interests in this diverse selection of plush animals. In addition to simple designs made with babies in mind, there are a number of highly detailed animals with realistic features crafted by skilled Steiff artists.


Classic Teddy Bears

The Teddy bear is a timeless toy that never goes out of style. Even as kids get older, many still cling to a beloved teddy bear as a source of comfort. These super-soft plush Teddy bears from Steiff have a premium look and feel that makes them heirloom-quality toys. Each one is carefully crafted with super-soft plush materials and features the famous "Button in Ear" that identifies it as an authentic Steiff product. If you see a teddy bear you love in this collection, be sure to snatch it up while it's still on sale.