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Bring delight and discovery to any child with an adorable Steiff dinosaurs. This collection of dino toys is designed to both entertain and comfort kids of any age. Whether you want a charming little dinosaur teddy bear for a little one or a creature that's a little more dynamic and exciting for playtime, you'll find a great fit at Steiff. Browse this selection of dinosaur stuffed animals to check out all the options.

Super-Soft and Cuddly

Although many of them are known for being especially fierce, there's no reason that dinosaur stuffed animals can't be just as cuddly as the softest teddy bear. Steiff dinosaurs feature super-soft plush material that's huggable and comforting to kids. Even if these dinos are used for all kinds of wild imaginary play, they'll also provide a soft and cozy companion for naptime and bedtime. 


Prehistoric Playtime

For kids who are fascinated by dinosaurs, receiving one of these plush toys as a gift is sure to be a memorable experience. Each dinosaur has been thoughtfully designed by Steiff's skilled artisans to help inspire and entertain children. A high level of detail has been included to help stimulate their imaginations and provide plenty of exciting action whether they're playing on their own or with friends. All of this is supported by the superior quality of Steiff products, which are indicated by the famous "Button in Ear" on each dinosaur stuffed animal.