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Bunnies & Rabbits

A premium bunny stuffed animal from Steiff is a childhood essential. Spring into the snugly joy of our Bunnies and Rabbits Collection for whimsical gifts kids of all ages will adore. A far jump from any run-of-the-mill stuffed bunny, our premium plush rabbits and bunnies will hop away with your heart.

Steiff Premium Toy Bunnies & Rabbits

Floppy ears, fuzzy fur and a cotton-ball tail make a bunny stuffed animal irresistible. Browse this collection for all these classic bunny details, crafted with handmade love by our talented designers. They bring each premium plush rabbit to life with the finest, softest materials and thoughtful design elements, like sewn-in bean bags that help achieve realistic postures. Plus, our plush are machine washable for years of clean, safe cuddling.


Teddy Bear + Stuffed Bunny: A Love Story

The perfect companions for Steiff teddy bears are our premium stuffed bunnies. Whether you’re choosing a My First Steiff to start someone’s journey into plush appreciation or adding a unique bunny to your prized Steiff set, our plush rabbits bring the same craftsmanship and quality to the table as our iconic bears. Join the Steiff Club to be part of a community of enthusiasts who share our obsession with heirloom quality. Be a part of our teddy bear and stuffed bunny love story.