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Popular Stuffed Animals

Classic teddy bears are only the beginning at Steiff. In addition, you'll find all kinds of popular stuffed animals that range from household pets to wild creatures. Across them all, the superior Steiff quality persists, ensuring a high level of craftsmanship and heirloom-quality designs no matter which animal you choose. Browse through these top-selling plush toys to find the cuddliest and cutest stuffed animals to add to your own collection or gift to a loved one.

Lions & Tigers

Stuffed Animal Dogs and Cats

Two categories are consistent favorites among the non-teddy bear options at Steiff: cats and dogs. Both of these furry friends are beloved by their owners, so it only makes sense that they're among the most popular stuffed animals from the Steiff collection. Among the many options are dog stuffed animals that have been skillfully designed by Steiff artists to look like specific breeds. You'll also find cute puppies and kittens that make thoughtful and meaningful gifts for newborns and infants.


Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Looking for something a little more exotic than household pets? Check out the amazing selection of wildlife stuffed animals from Steiff. From cute little bunnies, piglets and lambs to the most majestic lions, bears, giraffes and elephants, there are so many different stuffed animals featuring the softest plush and beautiful detailing.