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Customizable Teddy Bears

Personalized teddy bears elevate any special occasion. Whether you’re searching for an heirloom-quality baby shower gift or a perfectly customized birthday present for a child or adult, you cannot go wrong with a Steiff Personalized Teddy Bear.

Why Choose Personalized Teddy Bears?

A Steiff plush animal always impresses. Since we invented the world’s first teddy bear in 1902, our plush animals have been prized by both children and collectors for their craftsmanship and durability. But a personalized teddy bear from Steiff makes a unique statement that stands apart from all the rest. Our talented artists custom embroider your exact message onto the Steiff bear’s paws, making your gift supremely one of a kind.


The Highest Quality for Over 120 Years

At Steiff, we take great pride in ensuring each plush animal, collector’s item and personalized teddy bear is made to the highest standards. Our founder, Margarete Steiff, gave us our motto when she said, “For the children, only the best is good enough.” She’s the reason we continue to use only the finest mohair and other exceptional materials to craft our superior plush creations.


Why Join the Steiff Club?

The benefits of membership in the Steiff Club are many. Join our community to get free shipping on all orders, a free yearly gift teddy bear, access to exclusive online content and much more. See how other collectors and plush animal enthusiasts save time and money while choosing only the best from Steiff.