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Teddy Bears for Kids

The best teddy bears for kids are cuddly, cute and crafted by hand. Browse this collection of teddy bears for children, toddlers and people of all ages who need more snuggly joy in their lives.

Plush Bears for Kids & Toddlers

Teddy bears make the best gift for birthdays, Christmas and any other special occasion. Browse our collection of small and large teddy bears that any toddler or school-age kid will adore. Our artisans bring each teddy bear to life with soft, snuggly materials that are machine washable and modernly designed. With your child's new Teddy Bear Best Friend they’ll engage in imaginative play all day and cuddle up for sweet dreams all night.


Teddy Bears for Kids-at-Heart

Who doesn’t want a big teddy bear to hug? Our collection features a 35-inch plush bear in a lying position to play, read, and nap with. If you’re searching for a huge teddy bear as a focal point in your nursery or pediatric practice, check out Bobby, our 48-inch Studio bear with a handsome bow and hand-painted features.


Where to Find Teddy Bears with Heirloom Quality

Steiff is the place to find a premium, handcrafted teddy bear for kids of any age that is destined to become a cherished heirloom. We invented the teddy bear in 1902 and have been perfecting and expanding our unique collections of plush bears for kids and collectors ever since. Join the Steiff Club to get free shipping, a yearly free gift plush animal and other membership benefits.